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My name is Emmanuel Frank Ngankam Padjinou, borned and raised in Cameroon, a french and english speaking country in the center of Africa.
My life revolves around :


I have been coding in many programming languages using different technologies. I do consider myself to be the strongest at java programming but don't have any particular preference for a particular framework . I believe it is important to be agile enough to adapt and embrace new technologies given that they do solve the issue at hand in an optimum manner.
My passion for programming mainly comes from the joy of conceptualizing, designing and implementing things from scratch. There is not that many things providing me with the same feeling.


I did find out about the open source community as I was getting deeper into java which is together with python the pioneer of open source coding. I have been using Linux both professionally and personally.
Currently running only Linux computers home, I don't imagine myself getting back to windows / mac os .I love how simple it is to automate things with linux and I use it to the full extinct


We all need something get our heads out of work and mine is dancing. I like the creative aspect that comes with having to make sure that you move right and simulatneously lead your partner in a clear and concise manner.
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